Shelli Koester – Career Planning/Military &Technical Training Counselor

It has been said that “There are two great days in a person’s life: the day you were born and the day you discover why.” I truly believe I was born to be a teacher and a counselor and it is my passion to help others find what they were born to do.

As an Education/Organizational Communications undergraduate of Kearney State and Secondary School Counseling grad from UNK, I bring to Monarch High over 25 years of education experience including K-12, 6-8, 7-12, community and graduate colleges. My varied experience allows me to bring a broad perspective to post-high planning yet I am excited to be able to specialize in my career-planning domain. I cannot imagine a better fit for my experience and my passion.

I will present career lessons to freshmen and junior classes. I will also work with students individually and in small groups as needed. My personal goal is to empower each of our students to explore their interests and skills to help them find a good career fit whether that means a 4-year college (If so, Mrs. Herbener will become the primary guidance contact, expert and advocate.), community college or technical school, apprenticeship, or preparing to go straight into the workforce or military.

Seems like a great time to get started so….

Chart Your Course by Career Planning 

Before you decide on a post-secondary path, you should investigate potential career options. Things to consider are your interest in a specific career, your aptitude (possessing the necessary skills ) for that career and the job market in the future. For instance, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that only 20% of the careers in the first quarter of the 21st century will require a four year college degree and that 65% of potential careers will require post secondary education of two years or less.

You can prepare for this job marketplace in a variety of ways:

✦ Network with parents and adult friends to learn more about the current job market.

✦ Take interest inventories. You will take one in 9th and 11th grades or explore the links below.

✦ Participate in career area technology and/or career days. I will send out emails with different opportunities.

✦ Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) if you are considering a military career. I have a variety of resources to help you prepare for this assessment.

✦ Choose high school courses to investigate a variety of career possibilities.

✦ Seek employment in jobs that are potential careers if possible.

✦ Participate in volunteer experiences related to a potential career choice.


Helpful Links

H3 = High wage, High skill & High demand jobs –

A great site to explore interests and career fields –

America’s Career Information –

O’NET – (Explore careers & take interest/skill inventories)

Map Your Future –

My Future  – (Offers career search tools and military information and much more. The Work Interest Quiz can help you find some answers.)

I look forward to working with our Monarchs on career interest inventories and other career planning activities!  Go Monarchs!