Both PLHS and PLSHS were on the winning team of the Omaha Metro VEX Robotics Championship at Benson High School.  Out of 28 teams one Monarch group, one Titan group, and a group from Elkhorn allied together to win the competition!  This means that these teams will be competing at the VEX Robotics Championship of the Americas in the Civic Auditorium on April 2-4. Teams from North America and South American are invited to this event.

The Titan and Monarch teams supported each other with programming and strategy throughout the day. Parents from both schools sat together to cheer on the teams and we came home with a total of 5 trophies. The kids were very excited about their win!  Students from all three school exchanged e-mail addresses and cell numbers to stay in contact for the next competition.

These students realized the true meaning of “TEAM” and “WE”.


Sponsor:  Scott Kneifl