2020-2021 National Honor Society Officers:

President: Katelyn Squiers
Vice-President: Erin Dickinson
Secretary: Abby Shih
Treasurer: Ethan Foix

Senior Members:  Dues are $20 annually and are due by Friday, October 2

Senior members who completed summer hours, please have those turned in by Friday, October 2.

Senior Members: Due to COVID-19 we will not have monthly meetings in person.  Officers will meet monthly, and ALL information will be posted on the Google Classroom (please join if you have not).  We will also post service information on Twitter and Remind.


National Honor Society Fall Induction of new members: Monday, November 9th, 7:00pm in the North Gym.

Application Process:

  • All application information was sent to eligible juniors and seniors on August 31 via e-mail. Those students who are eligible should check their school e-mail (if they haven’t already) and read the e-mail.  This e-mail came from Jennifer Palomaki.
  • Students who are interested in applying should print the copy of the application and make three copies of the evaluation form. Evaluation forms should be given to two certified classroom teachers from last year or this current year.  One form can be given to another staff member (coach, activity sponsor, counselor, administrator, secretary, librarian, etc.).  The three staff members will be evaluating students on character and leadership.
  • Applicants will need to get their NHS student number from Mrs. Boudreau or Mrs. Palomaki before they begin the application process.
  • If applicants have any questions about this process, they should see Mrs. Boudreau or Mrs. Palomaki ASAP. Applicants can also send e-mails with questions.

Applications are due Monday, October 5th by 3:30PM to Mrs. Boudreau (Room 119) or Mrs. Palomaki (Room 216).

Requirements for Current Members:
* Maintain weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher
* Two service projects are required for this first semester (you may have to get creative—help out relatives, neighbors, teachers, seasonal outside service, etc.).
*There is NO minimum service hour requirement this first (Fall)semester (members do not have to complete a certain number of hours). This could change 2nd semester.
*If service opportunities come our way, we will post them.

Requirements for Application:
Student must be a Junior or Senior.
Student must have a cumulative, weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher. Student must fully complete the National Honor Society application by the required due date. Application consists of student providing verification of all community service and extra-curricular activities participated in since the ninth grade year. Signatures of coaches, sponsors, and supervisors are required.

Three evaluation forms need to be given to teachers, coaches, activity sponsors, etc. who can evaluate the student on character and leadership. See information above for evaluator criteria.

Two essays will be required of each student. Essays cover the topics of how the student exemplifies the qualities of character and leadership. These essays should be typed.

Completing the application does not guarantee acceptance into the National Honor Society here at PLHS. All applications are reviewed by a selection committee made up of certified staff.

What should 9th and 10th graders be doing now?

  • Get involved in school and community activities
    · Begin or continue completing community service
    · Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or · Demonstrate solid leadership and character at all times

Download a copy of the NHS By-Laws:  PDF

Follow us on Twitter:  @PLHSNHS


Lori Boudreau
Jennifer Palomaki