What is the Freshman Survival Program?

The Freshman Survival Program (FSP) will provide each freshman with a supportive environment that helps ease his/her adjustment from middle school to high school.

 FSP will be an annual orientation for Papillion – La Vista High School freshmen. It will provide freshmen with a comfortable environment, an awareness of opportunities to get involved in school activities, and a means to express their goals for high school.

 The Freshman Survival Program (FSP) will meet twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday during Advisement. The program will end at completion of 1st quarter.  During this time, freshmen will meet with their senior mentors, discuss various topics, and take part in a wide range of structured activities.  The seniors will be in charge of the time minute advisory period and the advisement teacher will be there for support.  This is a great way to receive service hours, increase your leadership skills and looks great on college applications. Applications for seniors are available each spring and we have had at least 100 seniors each year participate in this program.


Sponsor:  Mr. Kalina