1. To provide extracurricular activities for our students in the outdoors.
2. To create teamwork and competition skills with our young adults.
3. To teach students new skills in fishing.
4. To inform our students about local natural resource policies, and approach.
5. To give back to our community through future volunteering.


The Monarch Fishing Club began in March of 2016. During the first meeting the students, and sponsor collaborated on format of the club. The format ideas presented are listed below.


1. Weekly/biweekly challenges. Students will be assigned a partner and try to complete a scavenger hunt-style of fishing derby. Example; catch as many types of fish as possible from Walnut Creek.
2. Meet and share “fishing reports” that student anglers create. This would more of a tip-sharing format.
3. Gather when possible as a group to fish and enjoy the outdoors.


We will be continuing the Monarch Fishing Club for the 2016-2017 school year! There is no fee or obligation to join or be a member of the club, and students grades 9-12 are welcome to join. Our first meeting of the school year is planned for Thursday August 25th at 7:30 am. During the first meeting we will discuss future meeting times, possible tournaments, and other possible changes to our current format.

New and Upcoming:

1. Duels with other area Schools?
2. Fishing Mentors?
3. Student fishing guides?


Neither Papillion LaVista High School, nor the sponsor of the fishing club are responsible for any students outside of school hours or during any off-campus activities. The club is completely voluntary, and is student led. Any social media pages or websites that may be created for the club will be checked and verified with both the school administration, and the central office.

Follow us:  @monarch_fishing


Sponsor:  Phil Hansen