The Papillion-La Vista Monarch Colorguard is an organization starting a new tradition of excellence. The Monarch Colorguard offers its members the opportunity to express themselves through performances with the marching band at football games and in competition. Colorguard is also a way for members to build friendships, social skills, team building skills and leadership. Each and every member is valued for their distinctive talents, skills and interests. The members of the Monarch Colorguard strive to be an asset to the Monarch marching band, to be positive role models for all students, and to promote PLHS in the best possible way at football games, competitions, and in the community.

The PLHS Monarch Colorguard program is a student activity. It is expected that Colorguard members make academics a priority and that participating on the Monarch Colorguard team will not interfere with the student’s academics. The program should aid in developing the members into responsible, mature and independent young adults through:
· Leadership opportunities
· Development of positive decision making skills
· Social development (awareness of one’s self, development of self-confidence and self-esteem, and development of interpersonal relationships)
· Opportunities for student growth, change and maturity

The primary purpose of the Monarch Colorguard is to enhance the marching band’s performance and to perform at competitions with the marching band. Colorguard is time consuming during the season but lasts for a shorter time than most. PLHS Colorguard is a great way to get involved and be part of a team.


Sponsor:  Erika Lair