Now is the time to order your Color of HOPE shirts! Deadline for ordering is Thursday, January 16th. You can complete and turn in the attached order form (with payment) to Kings Korner during lunch, or to the front office for Michelle Mathison. You can order on line at The Color of HOPE basketball games are on Friday, January 31st against Gretna.

For the past 13 years, The “Color of HOPE” fund raiser has donated over $90,000 to the American Cancer Society of the Midlands. The money raised goes to several areas of need, all right here in Nebraska. Most recently, our donations helped fund the “HOPE lodge” that just opened last year in Omaha.

The ‘Color of Hope’ project has been a wonderful philanthropic learning opportunity for the Junior Class Officers, and even better that it has united schools in the metro area in the fight against cancer. Our theme this year is “Stronger”; We are stronger together, Hope is Stronger than fear, and through Courage and Strength we can overcome and find a cure.

There are 26 different colored ribbons representing the different of types cancers as well as caregivers. Our goal has been to educate students about cancer, support our family and friends who are currently battling cancer, celebrate those who have conquered Cancer, and of course honor those who have lost the battle.100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society of the Midlands.