How to Apply for a PLCS Academy

You should be able to link directly to the Academy application here:

If that link worked, skip to step 4!

1.     Visit the district’s website at .

2.     Go to ‘Programs.’

a.      You may need to click on the Menu link at the upper right-hand side to access options on the left.

3.     Select ‘Academies’, then ‘How to Apply.’

4.     Log in with your Student ID (just the number part) and password that you use for Office 365.

5.     From the dropdown menu, select the academy you are applying for.

6.     You can work on your app, save it, and log back in and return to your work.  Save often!

a.      Once you know that questions you need to answer, (All applications request your activities and many others require essays.) consider composing your answers in a Word document. It will spell and grammar check and then you can copy/paste into your actual application for submission.

7.     Check the ‘Agree to Terms’ box and one final time double check your information and answers.

8.     Enter your initials at the bottom and hit ‘Submit Application.’

Once you submit your application you will NOT be able to access it again to make changes. If you aren’t ready to submit, just keep selecting ‘SAVE.’

You may apply for more than one academy, but you must complete and submit a separate application for EACH academy to which you apply.

Check your school email for email confirmation of EACH academy application you submitted.

Applications are due before midnight on Tuesday, November 14th

If you are applying for UNMC’s High School Alliance, Metro Career Academies, or an Internship, you will need to complete another application at a later date. I will send more informaion via email about that process when it becomes available.