What is Forensics: Forensics is an academic class and an extra curricular activity. It has nothing to do with CSI or crime scenes, but is actually a competitive speech and drama (interpretation) class. It is also called a “speech team.” All students within the class will complete a set of activities and assignments, while also getting work time to perfect their competition events.

  • All members will attend a minimum of two tournaments first semester, four second semester. These tournaments happen on Friday afternoon/evenings or Saturday morning/afternoons. The competition season is form Nov through March, with some post season opportunities after that.

What skills will students gain: Forensics will teach your students invaluable life skills. They will learn to be poised, confident young men and women. Besides just teaching public speaking skills, they will gain skills in research and writing, reading and understanding literature, independent learning, time management, leadership, critical thinking and the ability to work in groups. The competition will teach your students to be good winners and good losers.

Speech participation has been proven through research to provide the additional benefits of:

  • Higher ACT/SAT scores
  • Higher college admission rates, especially to top-tier schools
  • More scholarships
  • Stronger research and critical thinking skills
  • Higher graduation rates, especially among minority students
  • Increased civic participation
  • Higher approval rates by potential employers
  • Higher rates of graduate degrees
  • Increased social skills

Why do kids like it: Forensics is fun and for many they treat it like their “sport”. We will travel all over the Omaha and Lincoln metro area on school buses. But, students will also meet students from all across the Midwest, hang out with their friends, and form life long connections across all grades.

Facts about the PL Forensics Team

  • Students will travel around Omaha, Lincoln, and beyond to go to various competitions against the best and brightest the state has to offer.
  • Students will compete in district speech for a chance to qualify for the State competition, held in late March in Kearney.
  • Students will have the opportunity to try to qualify for national competitions.
  • Papillion La Vista has had over 100 students qualify for State in the past 20 years.
  • In those years, we have been State Champions 1 time, State Runner Up 6 times, and placed in top five 4 times.

Though students do not need to have any past requirements to be in the class, being on the Forensics Team requires students to be in the class or to have taken the class previously.  It is preferred that team members are in the class so that they can take advantage of all the opportunities presented.

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Head Coach:  Mr. Wengert

Assistant Coach:  Ms Vilter