Forensics is first and foremost a speech class.  It’s an incredible and incomparable way to get out of your box and learn to speak in front of an audience.  Public speaking has been listed over and over as the number one fear, even in front of the fear of death.  Forensics is the perfect way to face your fears!  Not only that, but it dramatically increases your chances of getting into an elite college.  It has been proven that being in Forensics increases your chances of admittance by seven percent.  Forensics is a perfect way to face fears, make writing any paper a breeze, and to increase your chance of going to your dream college.

Though you do not need to have any past requirements to be in the class, being on the Forensics Team requires you to be in the class or to have taken the class previously.  It is preferred that team members are in the class so that they can take advantage of all the opportunities presented.

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Sponsor:  Ms. Vilter