Love to Read?  Book Club is the perfect place to do that, and meet other “Book Lovers.”  You can read and share the experiences of novels together in the positive Library environment.  Book Club will provide insight on some of the newest and most intense books out there. Come engage in fun, literary-related activities.


The mission of PLHS Book Club is to promote literacy and a life-long love of reading among students, teachers, and administrators.  This community of readers is bound by common interests and a hunger to explore works of literature.


PLHS Book Club meets before school on Thursdays at 7:30-7:55 a.m.

General Meeting Format

  • Time is given for members to share their impressions of the book.
  • Members can break into small groups to discuss the of book.
  • Sponsor/School Librarian introduces a general discussion question.
  • When needed, the sponsor/School Librarian guides discussion in the groups and provides additional questions for consideration.
  • Members reconvene as whole group to share thoughts on the book.

Book Club Manners

  • Meetings start promptly at 7:30a.m.  Please be on time.
  • Bring your book and discussion ideas to every meeting.
  • The person with the floor has permission to speak.  Wait your turn to speak and do not interrupt.
  • Be courteous of others’ viewpoints.  Disagreements are okay, but rudeness is not.
  • Allow everyone in group an equal opportunity to contribute.  No one person should monopolize the conversation.
  • Stay on topic during conversations.
  • Be responsible in bringing in your snack/treat on the assigned day.


Sponsor:  Liz von Nagy